Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goodnight, Sweet Tuber

As I perused the grocery store late last night I noticed a strange and charming sight in the produce section. All of the potatoes had been covered with burlap sacks. I stopped, stared and pondered this for a moment. It got me wondering about why this happens. Could it be:

  • Potatoes and their ilk are the Chosen Vegetables and are afforded extra special treatment?
  • Does the produce manager love his spuds so much he tucks them in each night with their little burlap blankies, pats them on their heads, reads them a story and quietly leaves them to their slumber?
  • Are there roving gangs of tuber haters who invade grocery stores late at night and harass the vegetables, forcing the produce people to hide their spuds away?
  • Do potatoes need their beauty sleep more than other vegetables? Are they more simply more sensitive and high-strung. I always thought they were more down to earth then other produce.

I am sure there is a very logical explanation for this but I prefer my vision of softly slumbering spuds snuggled in for a good night's sleep.


Kath said...

How stinkin' cute! I really should treat my produce better. : )

Michael said...

Tubers last longer if they are not exposed to light. I'm sure that they are doing this to extend the shelf life, although I wonder if it is really terribly effective given the amount of light they are exposed to during the day.