Monday, February 9, 2009

Can Haz Denturz?

This face? This big, giant face cost me a lot of money last week. Ollie had to have two teeth removed along with a cleaning, complete films and some drugs. This cost me ...oh, let's just say more than one month's rent. Actually, more than one month's rent, both phone bills and my cable bill combined. Can haz poverty?

Turns out that the x-rays showed he actually needs two more teeth out and his fangs will probably go at some time too. They couldn't get the other two teeth because he had been under the anesthetic too long so they had to bring him out. It is hard on any cat but especially older ones like my beast. I will wait a few months before we go after the other teeth. I need time to find a buyer for my kidney.

P.S. He is worth every penny.

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Kath said...

Poor kitty! Isn't February dental health month or something at most vet clinics? We took Gus in for his dental work and got some kind of discount... it's cheaper to go to the people dentist!