Monday, December 1, 2008

Takin' My Baby to the Poor House

The former Multnomah County Poor Farm (House) to be exact. Constructed to house the poor in 1911 and used for that purpose until the 60's when it was turned into a nursing home. Now it is McMenamin's Edgefield Hotel and it is the Greatest. Place. Ever. This was my birthday present to Kevin.

The Edgefield is this big beautiful building that is surrounded by about 30 acres of vineyards and gardens and open space. They have kept the character of the building and fully embraced its past. This was hands down the most charming hotel I have ever been in. So much character and warmth in this old building. All the old buildings have been turned into restaurants, a spa, a distillery, winery, brewery and lots of little pubs all around the property. Former incinerator? Great place to shove a tiny little bar where you can throw peanut shells on the floor. Former morgue? Home for the pottery studio. Former power station? Pub with movie theater and meeting rooms. As with all McMenamin's properties this one had their distinctive artistic touches everywhere. Most notably was on the exposed pipes throughout the building.

There are creative touches like this everywhere. It would take years to spot them all.

We had the most relaxing weekend I have probably ever had. Lounging around doing nothing, getting a couples massage, soaking in the heated outdoor salt-water soaking pool, eating tasty food, getting ridiculous amounts of sleep, more soaking in pool, wine tasting, beer drinking, more food, more sleep, etc. etc. If you ever get the chance. . . go here! I have heard good things about the other McMenamin's hotels too and we can't wait to try them all.


Kath said...

You are the Vacation Queen! I am so envious of all your trips recently. : )

Kath said...

Or, rather, your recent trips... although I have been envious recently too!

Ann-Marie said...

They have been fun but I am really quite done with vacations for awhile. Too many lumped too close together with too much else to do makes for too much tiredness.

Fishergirl said...

Too many vacations? Are you crazy? Now you sound like one of those people who complains of too much time off. Kevin, I would be honored to accompany you on your next trip, unless it's a romantic weekend away planned for Anne . . . I'm not a home wrecker!