Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oy! Christmas Trees!

There are few things I love more in life than a Christmas tree. I light up like a little kid whenever I see one and I look forward a ridiculous amount to decorating mine every year. Last weekend I got the pleasure of setting up and decorating four different Christmas trees. Sadly, they aren't all mine but I do get to spend lots of quality time with them.
First, on Thanksgiving night, Kevin and I set up my little tree. Then my boss and I set up our tree and village at work the next day. It is much prettier now that we have covered the pictures with wrapping paper and big bows.

Friday night Kevin bought his first big Christmas tree. It is still pretty minimalist because he doesn't have many ornaments. I fully intend on fixing this.

Since the parent's health isn't so great these days I spent Saturday decorating their tree while Matt and Kevin put up their outside lights. Six of the 18 gallon tubs of ornaments later the tree was mostly done. There was at least another tub that we were missing but we ran out of time and energy. I come by my love of the anti-minimalist tree naturally. I hope you all enjoy decorating your trees. I, for one, am quite done for the year.


Kath said...

I bow down to you, oh mighty tree decorator. I am overwhelmed and dedazzled by all your sparkle!

Fishergirl said...

Very nice decorating skills! We had the pleasure of decorating Jeremie's dad and step mom's 20ft tree (maybe only 15, but when you need an extension ladder to decorate, you know it's tall).

Ann-Marie said...

Holy crap! 15 feet is HUGE. I can't even imagine. That must have been so much fun!!!!