Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekly Training: Weeks Five and Six

Yikes! The Maui Half-Marathon is about five weeks away and my training frankly sucks. I am lumping the two weeks together because I really did pretty much next to nothing this week because of laziness, baseball games, and baking for the family reunion tomorrow. Excuses, excuses.

Monday: 3 mile easy run.
Wednesday: 5 mile run with 1/2 mile speed intervals. Felt great! Even with the slow warm-up and recovery speeds I ran this only about 3 seconds per mile more than I ran the Torchlight on Saturday. Maybe Torchlight was a bit of an off day after all. I could have kept going but I knew I was adding miles to my long run on Saturday and didn't want to push it too much.
Friday: 3 mile easy run.
Saturday: Ummmm... what do you call this? It was an 8:41 mile run/walk sort of thing. I meant to do nine but that just wasn't going to happen. I could only go 2 miles before I had to stop and take a walk break. I kept on going this way until my turn around point at 4:25 miles. I felt like crap. I had no energy. None. Drained. I had to keep going because I did an out and back course and had no other way to get home. I did more run/walk on the way home and my pokey time gave me lots of time to think about why this run was so tough. It occurred to me that I started running at 3:00 and all I had had to eat that day was a small bowl of cereal, piece of peanut butter toast and a handful of blueberries. I basically had the same thing for dinner the night before and I didn't have any lunch other than popcorn the day before. Hi, dumb ass - you didn't fuel!!!! I didn't feel hungry at all so it never occurred to me that I needed to eat more. Boy did I learn my lesson. I did take a gel during the run but it definitely wasn't enough.

After the "run" I was riding the elevator up to my apartment and started to feel like I was going to pass out right there. Started to see the spots around my head and felt things get a little fuzzy. I got inside as quick as possible, grabbed a juice and threw myself on the couch. Ten minutes later I ate some peanut butter toast, almost passed out again in the shower and only felt better when I downed the Gatorade Kevin insisted I get on the way to the ballpark. Gatorade is wonderful stuff. Electrolytes - it's what plants crave!

This week was pretty useless.
Sunday: 10K Volkssmarch in Roslyn. Does a six mile walk count as cross-training? It does for me this week.
Thursday: 3 mile easy run.
Yep. That is it. This slackerdom will not lead to a PR in Maui if I don't get cracking.

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