Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faster, Higher, Sleepier

I love the Olympics. It captures my imagination every time. How can you not be drawn into the drama and the glory? Watching people who have worked and trained their entire lives for a chance to not only be the best but a chance just to compete on this world stage is inspiring and moving. However, can we have a mid-way one day Olympic hiatus? I haven't watched this much TV in years and everybody at work is dragging from staying up too late to watch the events. Forget competing; just watching the games is exhausting.

A few musing about the games so far.

  • Bob Costas should host every athletic event ever. I love, love, LOVE me some Bob Costas! For that matter he can deliver me all my news and entertainment reporting. When Bud Selig steps down he really should be commissioner of baseball. He is hand down the most intelligent, witty, erudite and cute journalist of all time. He should get a medal for being him.
  • Why do the Eastern European gymnasts continue to wear loads of blue eyeshadow? It is as if they are stuck in the 1970's. I bet when their hair isn't pulled back for competition they wear it feathered.
  • No one probably saw Shalane Flanagan win the bronze in the 10K (because it was on at 2:00 a.m.; shame on you NBC) but her unbridled joy at winning a third place is one of my Olympic highlights so far. So many would have been disappointed with a third place showing but she looked like the happiest woman on the planet.
  • Michael Phelps. Enough said.
  • Paula Radcliffe gutting out her marathon finish this evening even though she was clearly struggling with an injury that probably should have kept her out of the race. The world record holder (and 4 of the top 5 of all time) put everything she had into just completing this race. I remember watching her in Athens and watching her fall apart there from illness and injury and to watch her dig deep and find the strength to finish is inspiring.
  • Trampoline is an Olympic sport. Who knew?
  • Would it kill NBC to mix up the primetime coverage a little? There are other sports than swimming, diving, beach volleyball and gymnastics. Part of the fun of the games is to watch sports you might not otherwise get to see and to see athletes other than US athletes. Where is all the fencing, handball, rowing, kayaking and shooting coverage? Would 10 minutes in prime time hurt that much?

Off to bed to rest up for more days of television viewing.


kath said...

Ditto on the request to see other events in prime time. I am sick of the bald beach volleyball dude and his little sidekick.

Trampoline? I am clearly not tuning in enough!

James said...

Bob Costas? You like Bob Costas? I simply don't know what to write.

I watched a delightful round of men's volleyball. I think the Republic was sparring with that cute little Romania. The butch, bearded American man caught my eye and the fetching Romanian man caught my other eye. I don't remember which set of balls were volleyed the most...probably my own. I heart sweaty men in work-out clothes. Kisses, sugar.

kath said...

H caught ping pong, freestyle wrestling, and heavy weight women's weight lifting (say that three times fast)! Some Korean woman hoisted 350 pounds over the head! Now she wants to know why she hasn't seen the Greco Roman wrestlers.

She also has a blue eye shadow theory... She thinks it matches their uniforms!