Friday, August 8, 2008

Clover Savant

How many four leaf clovers have you found in your life? Me? Zero. So let me tell you a little story.

I was at my sister's house Thursday night to pick up items for our work scavenger hunt and mentioned that we still needed a four leaf clover. I knew she had really good luck finding some in the past so I assumed she would have one laying around. "Oh no," she said casually, "I just give those away". She might not have had any laying around the house but she said "come on" and I followed her to the front yard. She was going to find one by looking in the grass and clover in the yard. I thought to myself "yeah, this will never work. You don't just FIND four leaf clovers that easily". Not even two minutes later she bends down and picks a perfect four-leaf clover. Like it was nothing; something you do every day. I was speechless, my mouth must have dropped open and Angie simply smiles and declares: "I am a clover savant."


James said...

I dislike people who can find four-leaf clovers. Years ago, my grandmother had a significant clover patch in her back yard. I could spend hours going through that little patch and find nothing. My cousin could spend no more than five-ten minutes and produce one...Enraged, I would get the garden shears and start clipping away...little bastards. I'm with you Anne...completely useless in a clover patch, ha ha
love ya jbb

Ann-Marie said...

Maybe it is a Taurus thing? Maybe we save our savantness (savantitude?) for other important things like ... umm, uh...well...I am sure it will come to me.