Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tater Tots, Solitude and Pooches

That was one of the best weekends I have spent in awhile. Such a nice way to wind up a busy school year.

Friday night my friend Todd and I ate at a place in Ballard called Zayda Buddy's which specializes in something called "Minnesota-style pizza". Minnesotan Todd has no idea what that means but according to Zayda Buddy's it involves thin crust and it is cut into squares. The main reason we went there was for the tater tot casserole and cheap mid-western beer. I drank something called "Blatz" that is supposed to be horrible so you know it was right up my alley. The tater tot casserole was fabulous and the beer was good. The only thing missing was a Jell-o salad and some white cake with Crisco frosting to fulfill my image of a proper mid-western meal. After dinner we went to The Mountain's :20 Funny Festival at the Paramount. Check out Gary Gulman and Greg Behrendt if you ever get the chance. Funny stuff about grapes and uncomfortable bathroom situations.

Saturday, o glorious Saturday! Saturday was "Solitude Saturday" where I did not answer my phone, visit with anyone or have any agenda. I could do whatever I wanted and not feel like there was something hanging over my head that I must do. It was glorious! Did I mention that already? The only words I spoke to another human being the entire day were "hi" and "thank-you" to the woman who rang me up at Target. I recommend a day of blissful solitude like this to everyone on occasion.

Sunday morning brought the annual Furry 5K race at Seward Park with my brother. Matt and I have done this race for the last four years and have a blast every time. It benefits the Seattle Animal Shelter and runners and walkers are encouraged to bring their dogs. The park is crawling with hounds! I will write a separate race report for this; I know you are eagerly awaiting that. Sunday afternoon I helped Kevin put in paving stones and plant ground cover for a path in his backyard. It looks wonderful. Sunday night was off to the ballet with Kevin for the season finale at PNB "Eight Encores". For this performance they take parts of select ballets performed over the course of the season and perform them all in one night. Wonderful to get to see pieces you saw earlier in the season danced by different performers to compare and contrast.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

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k said...

So high brow, so low brow. You gotta love a weekend that includes tater tot casserole and the ballet!