Tuesday, June 24, 2008

O' Canada!

Kevin and I got back from a wonderful three-day weekend in Victoria last night. It is such a pretty little city and a nice getaway spot. By the way, is it possible for anyone raised in Seattle to go to Victoria and not have the "Let's go to, Vic-tor-i-a, on Princess Marguerite" song stuck in their mind for at least half a day? I think not.

We had butterflies tickle us with their little feet at the Butterfly Gardens .

We wandered around the amazing Butchart Gardens and gazed at thousands of plants. This place is phenomenal. Even if you aren't into plants you would be amazed at the beauty here. The Sunken Garden here
used to be a limestone quarry that Mrs. Butchart turned into this stunning place around the turn of the century. I want this to be my back yard. I want, I want, I want. Not only are the gardens beautiful but Butchart Gardens has hands-down the prettiest garbage cans you are ever going to see
and the dumbest cashier who ever overcharged anyone ever. Nice to know it isn't just the American school system that is failing. $35 for two hot-dog meals my ass!

On the ride up to Victoria we were lucky to encounter some orcas (L pod they told us) and some Dall's porpoise. Did you know that porpoising is a verb? Me neither. We also took a whale watching tour but sadly didn't find any whales. We did however get to bring sexy back in our survival suits and channel our inner Cousteau by taking a really fun Zodiac ride around the Strait of Juan de Fuca while trying to spot the whales.

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