Saturday, June 7, 2008

Evening at the Ballet

We went to see Pacific Northwest Ballet's "All Robbins" program on Thursday and it was amazing. The only thing I really knew about Jerome Robbins' work was his choreography for "West Side Story". I had no idea he was involved in ballet at all. Two of the pieces were more comedic and Broadway influenced and one was more traditional ballet. As usual the dancers were phenomenal. I am continually blown away by how graceful, powerful, and expressive they are. It is a sharp contrast to the ballet we saw last week by Ballet Bellevue. Don't get me wrong; the dancers at Ballet Bellevue are very talented and do things I could never even dream of doing. But it is kind of the difference between watching Double A and major league baseball. You have to be crazy talented to even perform at Double A but the talent gap between that level and the bigs is very noticeable. Same with the ballet. Seeing these two companies perform really brought home the skills of the dancers in PNB. They make everything seem easy and perfect. It is such a beautiful art form and PNB does it so well.

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