Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Brain Dump

Since I am stuck at work on what is for everyone else a holiday I feel like I should spend a little time doing a brain dump.  I have a few thoughts and things that aren't worthy of a whole post and probably aren't worthy of a bullet-point post either but humor me.  I need to amuse myself today.
  • We have a pond frog.  I would post a picture but he is terribly skittish and I haven't been able to get one.  He leaps into the pond from his little froggy hollow he has made in our moss if you even come near the screen door.  I spend a lot of time trying to frog spot these days.  I think he came over from the big pond about 20 yards away.  I imagine he prefers being a big frog in a little pond rather than a little frog in a big pond.  I also imagine he was bullied and picked on by the frogs in the big pond and so ran away to our place for shelter and safety.  We have a little dorky nerd frog.  I am getting too attached and perhaps spending too much time creating stories for the little guy. 
  • The fact that it only took me 35 minutes to get to work this morning should make me happy but it mostly annoys me.  When I know it can be like this I resent the hour and a half evening commutes that have become the norm even more.  I am starting to dread going home because of the hellacious traffic.
  • Being sick when it is sunny and beautiful outside is just wrong.  I missed a baseball game Friday night, a race Sunday morning, spent all day Saturday and a good half of Sunday basically asleep or just generally feeling crappy.  But I'm all better for cloudy weather and work on Monday!  Whee!
  • Tilda Swinton frightens me.
  • Today the Squeeze Pandora station is providing much joy.  Also, listening to Pandora has ruined me for regular radio.  I keep looking for the "thumbs down" button to make the song I don't like disappear.  Easy to remedy in the car but harder when you listen to regular radio online through your computer. 
  • The podcast I listen to refers to the comments section of any internet article as "the dark heart of the human soul".  I agree and rarely go down there to look but today I found this beautiful comment by a gentleman named Ian regarding an article on "Community". "I don't know if my internet works like your internet. My internet has articles with titles, in the titles are subjects. And if I have no interest in the subject, I don't have to click it and read about it. I'm guessing your internet forces you to read through everything? Maybe there is a setting you can fix." 

  • You are watching "Community" aren't you?
  • Last week I had a minor surgery that involved getting up at 4:30 a.m. and being put under general anesthesia.  Is it a bad sign that I discovered I would prefer to do that every day than come into my job anymore?
  • If you a woman who likes to participate in athletic endeavors or know a woman who does or heck, if you are just a woman or know one, please read this article by the always awesome Jelisa Castrodale.  She is one of the wittiest, smartest writers out there and she wins at internet this week (and really most weeks).  This piece has a more serious tone than many of her others do but I think it might be my very favorite. 
  • In spite of, or because of, the weird muscle aches down the back of both of my legs I am going to go out and go for a run tonight.  The muscle aches were there when I woke up Sunday morning and haven't really gone away yet.  It is a weird feeling and the dark, weird part of my brain goes automatically to "degenerative muscle disease"; the normal part of my brain says this is probably just residual from whatever sickness I had over the weekend and/or just too much laying around. 
  • How did I ever get by before discovering Chobani yogurt?  It is absolutely worth the extra cost.  Nummy and satiating in one little tub.

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Liane said...

Yep, Tilda Swinton IS scary!