Monday, May 7, 2012

Riddle Me This

This isn't a new topic and many, many people have pondered this before so I am not covering any fresh ground here.  With that said, I am still consistently amazed at how dang hard it is to drag your carcass out of the house and exercise.  Why is this? 

I know that I feel good when I run, I feel good after I run,  and I am always glad I went out there and did it.  Always.  I also know it is good for me and that I feel better physically and mentally after I run.  So why, oh why, do I have to force myself to go? 

Sunday I finally talked myself into heading out for a three-miler down at the lake.  I had to fight myself all day about it and even through the first half-mile.  After that I was hap-hap-happy as could be.  The sun was shining, the temps were perfect (usually perfect running temps are about 50 degrees for me but yesterday felt great after so many cold, rainy days), and it felt good to get my legs moving again.  I could almost hear them saying "Oh yeah, I remember what this feels like.  This is what we are supposed to do.  Let's do this more often."  Sure legs, I hear you and I second that.  And you know what will happen when I lace up again on Wednesday?  The rest of me will whine and bitch and moan and I will have to, yet again, convince myself that I really want to run that night.

I know that once you get in the habit and get the fitness back it gets easier to get out there and you actually start to look forward to it.  I miss those days and I want them back.

Am I the only one who struggles with this?  I can't be. 

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It's just a habit......same as anything. You get used to reading the paper in the morning or whatever. No difference. Problem is doing it only twice or three times a week. That isn't enough to develop a real habit of it. At that point, it's still just something you have to work into your daily routine as best you can.