Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Goals Update

Since we are at the half-year (plus two weeks) point of 2010 I thought it would be a good time to revisit my goals for the year and see how they are progressing.

1.  5K PR - Done!  I did this at the April Top Pot Doughnut Dash with a whopping 29:14.  I am pretty certain I can get this record to fall again this year.
2.  Run a minimum of 650 miles.  I am over the half-way mark but I expected to be much further over at this point in the year.  May and June were just sort of wasted months for running and exercise.  So far this year I have clip-clopped my way through a total of 344.61 miles.
3.  Half-Marathon PR - Done!  This was done at Eugene with a 2:21:56.  I am going to tackle another half this year but it is a hillier course so this one might stand for 2010.

1.  Lose 40 lbs.  Well, I am half-way there.  I lost the 20 lbs and then have been treading water for the last two and a half months.  That really isn't too bad since I have been putting almost zero effort into trying to lose and it also means that I can at least maintain this weight.  Starting this week I am back to focusing on the weight loss and see if we can't kick it up a bit for the rest of the year.

1.  Visit one place in state I haven't been before.  Nope, not yet.  There is a wine tasting trip to Walla Walla in our future though.
2.  Visit one place out of state I haven't been before. Done!  We stopped in McMinnville on our way to the Oregon Coast two weekends ago.  Cute little town and we got to see the Spruce Goose.  Also, Oregon gets waaaaaayy too much of our vacation dollars.
3.  Travel outside the country (Canada doesn't count). Nope.  I was originally looking at a trip to Costa Rica in May but didn't feel comfortable leaving with Dad's health the way it was.  Now that that is no longer an issue I am looking at a Costa Rica trip in late October.  This is my belated graduation present to myself and I think it is particularly important to do it before I get married.
4.  Drink more.  We are on track with this one although just barely.  We are at a total of 30 bottles for the year.  I would like to point out though that that includes bottles shared with others and since we had two dear old friends over on January 2 where the four of us consumed eight bottles of wine that kind of throws the curve off a little. 
5.  Complete 40 hours of volunteer time.  Nowhere close on this one.  I have done six hours total including time spent donating blood and attending a volunteer inservice for the Humane Society.  I did help out for four hours at the Girls on the Run spring 5k by working the registration booth.
6.  Take four different classes.  Since I am counting individual classes or session that I register for and not drop-ins at the Y I can only count my 10 week yoga session from earlier in the year. 
7.  Really learn 10 new entrees or side dishes.  This is one I might just let slide off the radar for the year.  I have done very little with this other than I have learned a bit more about vegetables since we joined a CSA.

Not bad for a mid-year check-up.  How are you doing on your goals or resolutions?


aeep said...

Holy crap! That is some serious progress toward goals! I am wayimpressed. Which half did you decide on? Hills?!?! Hmmm...

Fishergirl said...

I resolved not to write down resolutions. So far so good!