Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dream Come True

Guess where we are going in February?If you said Vancouver, B.C. for the Olympics you would be correct.

Kevin got us tickets to a men's long-track speed skating medal event and a men's ski-cross medal event. Any events would have been great. Seriously. Women's curling elimination round between Latvia and Uzbekistan? Great, we'll be there. However, he knew that the event I wanted to see most of all was long-track speed skating. That is what I would most want to compete in out of all Olympic events.

Getting to go to the Olympics is a dream come true for me and this is probably the only chance I will ever get. I am practically bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Oh, the critter in my arms is MukMuk. He is a marmot. I am quite enamored of him.


Kath said...

Lucky girl!!!

Is the marmot the official mascot or something? Super cute.

aeep said...

That is just about the coolest thing ever! I LOVE the olympics and, while more partial to summer games, am with you on the any-event-just-to-be-there sentiment. Super cool! When do you go?