Monday, July 6, 2009

Resolution Update

We are at the half-way point for the year so it is time to look back on the New Year's Resolutions and check my progress.

Running Goals:
1. 5k PR - Not yet. Not even close. Still hopeful though.
2. Run a total of 650 miles - 203.13 down so far. With more free time this summer I think I can get this back on track.
3. Run a half-marathon without walk breaks - No. Not sure I am going to get this one. I am focusing on building a stronger base and speed for shorter distances right now. I haven't ruled out another half this year yet but it is looking bleak.

Health Goals
1. Get down to the weight listed on my driver's license - I have only lost six pounds; 28 more to go. Forty-two more to ultimate goal weight. I need to go drink and cry now.
2. Have all scheduled preventive services. - I had my first dental cleaning but still need to schedule the girly check-up, eye exam and one more dental cleaning.

Personal Goals
1. Visit one place in state I have never been to before - Done. Went to Friday Harbor yesterday.
2. Visit one place out of state I have never been to before - Done. Napa Valley.
3. Pay off half of my debt - Close to half of the goal right now so this looks good. Mind you this isn't counting student loan debt. I am not even thinking about that right now.
4. Get my bachelor's degree - Two classes left. One quarter to go. This was always the easiest on the list and barring any really weird circumstances this is a lock.

I clearly need to get my running in order and get more serious about the finances.

How are your resolutions or goals going for the year?

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