Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the Zoo

I am off on vacation this week and am spending it reading, sitting in the sun, packing and organizing, running and various other not very exciting but very relaxing stuff. I did actually do something marginally noteworthy today; I went to the zoo.

The rest of this post should contain pictures of (my favorites) the penguins in their beautiful new exhibit. It should also have pictures of the grizzly as close as I have ever seen him outside of the viewing window. There should also be video of a tree shrew running down to the end of a branch and then doing a back flip about two feet behind him to land on another branch; over and over and over and over. Quite fascinating and a little sad. Poor little guy needs some head shrinking and a Valium.

There should be all of these but my Nikon is possessed and instead of those photos there are seven photos from the Pigs on Parade swine hunt Kevin and I went on in 2007(!) and a random lost photo from last summer. The photos were definitely there earlier and now they are not so you will just have to take my word for how great the zoo was today.

If you will excuse me I need to find some holy water to sprinkle on my camera. Does Diet Coke count?

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