Friday, May 15, 2009

Rodents, Ritzenhein and ?

A few random things from Eugene weekend that I didn't get to put in my already too long post.

  • See that thing up there? We thought it was a beaver when we saw it sitting on the sidewalk on our way to dinner. Then it turned around and we saw its ginormous rat tail. This is a nutria. I have heard about them but have never seen one before. They are large aquatic rat-like critters that can grow to be about 20 lbs. I am pretty sure they had to be the inspiration for the R.O.U.S. in The Princess Bride. Kevin got this shot of our cute little friend the next day.

  • We got to hear two-time Olympian and Eugene local, Dathan Ritzenhein speak at the race expo. He is part of the bright young future of American distance running and it was pretty cool to get to see him. He just got back from the London marathon where he clocked a time of 2:09:59 and was deeply disappointed. I would be dancing in the street if that were my half-marathon time. He also mentioned he logs about 125-130 miles per week. At that point, that is about what I had logged for the year. *sigh*

  • Standing at the finish chute waiting for my brother to finish we were treated to numerous bloody nipple sightings by the marathoners. The most impressive one was a guy in a bright white shirt with the two most perfect, bright red, nickel sized circles on his chest with the large accompanying blood streaks down the front of the shirt. Much more impressive than any of the others. Then he passed us. On his back was another perfect bright red nickel sized circle with the same blood streak. Uh-huh...on his BACK. Third nipple? Large mole? Gunshot wound?

2 comments: said...

In spite of the misery, it was a good time. I dispute the claim of that animal as a nutria, however. It is clearly a juvenile black bear.

Fishergirl said...

I think it's the mystery guest at the Brooks' house leaving raisinettes.