Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Was 1989. That's My Excuse.

In honor of prom season, Pieces of Me threw out a challenge to everyone to post their prom pictures. To protect the innocent I cropped out the others in the photo. It is too bad because the whole picture is so dang cute.

A little background is in order. I graduated high school a semester early and didn't actually feel the need to go to my prom. I was done and out of there. However, my friend Gayle probably watched Pretty in Pink too many times and decided I needed to go to my prom or my life would be missing something. So, I went with Gayle as my date. I clearly didn't take this very seriously as is evidenced by my lack of fancy dress or hair. This was a cute (for 1989) stretchy cotton two piece tank dress with flouncy ruffled skirt that I think I picked up for about $10 on a clearance rack. For our prom dinner, Gayle and I went through the drive-thru of a McDonalds. Prom was at the Tacoma Dome and I don't really remember much about it. I remember someone throwing up in the bathroom and some dancing but not much else. Profoundly unmemorable but I am glad Gayle talked me into going because now I don't feel like I missed out on an "important" rite of passage. Our prom theme song was "Hold Onto the Night" by Richard Marx. Hated it then; still hate it. I wanted "Welcome to the Jungle".

The thing that is great about the rest of this photo is that it is the least prom-y picture I have ever seen. It is a group shot of six of us: me, Gayle (groovy floral dress she made), my friends Liane (dressy casual in rocking fuchsia tights and flats) and Dan (with big white cravat and flip-flops), our wonderful Spanish teacher who was chaperoning and we invited into the picture with us, and a friend who dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts complete with a black head scarf and a real sword. I am pretty sure showing up to prom with a sword would not only get you kicked out of prom but probably expelled these days. He bore a striking resemblance to Cary Elwes so it kind of worked. The other thing I am proud of is that of all the people I went to high school with I still see Liane, Dan and Gayle and can count them as friends.

Post your prom pictures people!


Judy said...

Too funny! Ironically my mom just gave me a bunch of my old school pictures. Tucked in there was a picture of my ninth grade dance. Not much I want to relive about that time. Maybe my weight but definitely not the hair.

Fishergirl said...

I know what the next Cocoochin theme night will be . . . PROM! I never went to prom, or even any high school dances for that matter.

Kath said...

I went to way too many proms and wore a hideous dress each time--with the exception of the black dress I asked Mom to make for me to wear to Mike's senior prom. That was decent... if I remember correctly, Judy tortured me with a curling iron for hours before hand. I was terrified she would burn my ears.

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Pictures people. I want pictures. Val - I'm in for a Coocoochin prom night.

Kath said...

I don't have a scanner at home, and somehow I don't think the Faculty Support office would look kindly on me scanning my senior prom photos. : )