Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I Learned From My Pizza Box

  • In 2004, Washington state ranked third in voter turnout for the presidential election with 82% of registered voters voting. The first two states were Colorado and Oregon with 89% and 85% respectively. My friends Kathy and H have chosen well with where they have lived in recent years.
  • It is the law in Australia to vote. They get 95% turnout that way. The US averages 52.5% for presidential elections and under 40% for non-presidential elections.
  • The US ranks in the bottom 20% of the world in voter participation. I always think of the pictures I saw when blacks in South Africa were finally allowed to vote. The pictures showed people lined up for miles to be able to cast their ballot. It is a precious freedom that we take for granted in this country.

Thank you Pagliacci for tasty fig prosciutto pizza and election factoids.

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kath said...

And we are here for this election to try to turn the state blue!

We've been wearing cool "Rock the Vote" t-shirts at work...