Thursday, September 4, 2008

In the Midnight Hour, I Want S'more, S'more, S'more!

I think many people will agree with me that there is a fundamental problem with the S'more. All three ingredients are tasty and good but when put together there is something wrong . . . the chocolate. The chocolate just sits there like a cold lump and doesn't melt. How much better would the S'more be if only the chocolate would actually melt? Scads better I tell you! So with this problem in mind Kevin and I came up with the solution to all the world's S'more problems. Simply take a pie iron and unhinge it into two parts. Place the tasty graham cracker on the pie iron and top with fine chocolate of your choice.
Place the pie iron in the coals. Toast marshmallow to glorious light brown.
Take the graham cracker and chocolate off the pie iron and place the beautiful marshmallow on top of the now soft and melted chocolate. Top with the second graham cracker.
Enjoy S'more perfection!!!!
Genius I tell you! Where's my Noble prize?


Michael said...

So what category of Nobel were you hoping for? I don't think there is one for campfire cookery.

kath said...

But I'm SURE there's a Girl Scout badge for it! With all the authority invested in me as a former Brownie and a troop leader (which is probably absolutely no authority whatsoever, I'm sure), I hereby grant you an honorary campfire cookery badge!

Oh, the many wonders of the hobo pie maker.

Ann-Marie said...

It's the Nobel Prize for Culinary Genius. What? You haven't heard of this? The medal is made of tinfoil and gum and I want it. Until the Nobel committee sees the error of their ways I will happily accept Kath's honorary campfire cookery badge as a substitute. Go forth and S'more!