Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strut and Twirl

I saw my first SIFF film of the year last night; a documentary called "A Wink and A Smile". It was about the local burlesque scene with an emphasis on a class of beginners who take a six week burlesque class to learn the art of the tease. The class culminates in a graduation recital at a local club to perform their routines in front of a live audience.
I wanted to see this film because I had heard about the Academy of Burlesque here in Seattle after seeing an Atomic Bombshells show and (big confession) there is a part of me that wanted to take that class, put on a pair of pasties and go twirl my little heart out. I even have had my burlesque name picked out. However, after watching this movie I have to say that I don't think I would have the guts to go through with it. Those woman were incredibly brave. The whole point of the film , which I don't know was fully realized, was about body and self acceptance and throwing aside hang-ups and doubts. I am all for that and have come a long way in that regard. But throwing on a bathing suit is a lot different than putting on tassels and strutting it for strangers on a stage. Would I be any braver if I were smaller? Ummm... probably not. I think I will have to remain a closet exhibitionist. You are all safe.


Michael said...

So what was the name you had picked out?

James said...

Name hell...I want to see cha-chas and tassles.


Ann-Marie said...

I can't tell you my name because you might steal it for your own act and then where would I be. You know, there is a whole sub-genre called boy-lesque if you two are interested.

k said...

Ah, what girl hasn't at least *thought* about being in a burlesque show? I'm with you though... no way in hell would I be brave enough.

Michael said...

Yeah, I can just see the miles of women lined up to see me in a burlesque show. Do they include barf bags with admission?

By the way, I think "closet exhibitionist" is a contradition. :P