Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's Raise Our Cheesburgers In A Toast!

I'm going to let you in on a shameful televison secret: I watch "America's Next Top Model". I'm not proud. Sometimes you just want the television equivalent of cotton candy and boy does this show deliver that.
Well, last night on ANTM they announced the winner of this cycle. The winner was, for the first time in this shows 10 cycle history, a plus-sized model. Good for them, but what makes me just sort of shake my head is what constitutes "plus-sized" in the modeling industry. Ready for it? . . . .. a size 10. Seriously. Being a size 10 makes you "full-figured", "plus-sized" or (my favorite) "juicy".
While I think the winner was picked to win from the very beginning to make a crazy Tyra point (like there is any other kind) about weight, I still applaud them for picking someone who looks healthy and normal for a change.

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Fishergirl said...

If size 10 is considered a "plus" size, than I am most definitely in the "long division" category. Maybe I could just use a sharpie marker to scratch off the first number of my size. Would that make me a petite?