Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Long Run

I completed my longest consecutive run on Tuesday night. I did 11.2 miles on the Burke Gilman. My pace was positively sloth-like but I am perfectly fine with that since I am so pleased with the distance. The half-marathon shouldn't be any problem now.
The long run never ceases to amaze me. I usually think "wow, this is going to be far and I will have trouble finishing" but once you get going it just all clicks. I dread going out there but I always end up loving it. The first three miles are a little tough for some reason but then it all becomes easy and the rhythm kicks in and you just start reeling in the miles. I almost get giddy in the middle of the run.
I had never been on that section of the Burke Gilman before (Matthew's Beach south to the UW Hospital and back) so it was nice to see some new scenery. Also nice to be in a little more populated area since I knew I was going to be pushing sunset by the time the run was completed.
Chuckles along the way: passing the dorms at the UW, which were a long way up the hill, I smelled the distinctive stench of patchouli wafting down on me (such a college cliche) and a groan inducing sign for a dentist's office "Fiddler on the Tooth"; the office of the Dr. Fiddler. I really wish I was kidding about that last one.

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