Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekends of Fun and Sun

The last two weekends here have been absolutely fabulous.  Sunshine, warmth, super busy and oodles of fun.

The previous weekend we spent time out in Woodinville attending the opening of a new brewery that one of Kevin's co-worker's started.  We then met some friends for some wine tasting and sitting out in the grass enjoying the sun.  Seriously, between the scads of wineries, breweries and new distilleries Woodinville is rapidly becoming a "drunkard's dream if I ever did see one" (RIP Mr. Levon Helm).  We left our spots in the sun and headed out to the ballpark for our first game of the season.  Ahhhh......baseball.
No surer sign of spring exists than the beginning of baseball season.  Bonus:  we actually won!

Sunday we took advantage of more beautiful weather and headed up to LaConner to tiptoe through the tulips.  More daffodils than tulips were in bloom but it didn't matter because it was still stunning.
This last weekend involved even more fun and sunshine.  Friday night was "Apollo and Carmina Burina" at Pacific Northwest Ballet.  One of the best programs they have done in awhile.  Truly stunning. 

Saturday I took my very first trapeze lesson; more about that in a post to come and maybe even a video.  I then had a nice lunch with my future sister-in-law where I tried pho for the first time and then went home to do some yard work and more sun sitting, long walk around the neighborhood and a late viewing of "The Hunger Games".  Sunday Kevin and I met our friend JB for lunch and then back to PNB for another run at "Apollo and Carmina Burina".  Then there was more sitting in the sun at Seattle Center, this time with ice cream.
Once we got home we decided that we needed more sun so we hopped down to a local park and sat out until sunset.  Hmmmm, I'm detecting a theme to these days.

Unfortunately, what didn't happen either of these weekends was any running or working out.  Such perfect weather and I couldn't manage to drag my ass out the door to run.  But man did I synthesize some vitamin D so that was healthy, right?  The running can wait when there is this much to do.  Besides, that is what work nights are for.

I hope everyone has been enjoying some beautiful spring days themselves.

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