Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

The great plans to accomplish lots of little projects around the house got blown out of the water this weekend.  The week before was packed with stuff every night so rest and relaxation took precedence.  We did manage to see PNB's Don Quixote (fabulous) on Friday night and this afternoon we met my friend Todd at EMP for a Battlestar Gallactica and horror movie exhibit.  The rest of the time?  Sleeping, sorting papers and catching up on Downtown Abbey while Kevin made Tikka Masala (he insisted, shooed me out of the kitchen and everything.  It was awesome).  I admit though, I could use one more day of rest before heading back to the grind tomorrow.

It was too dark for any of my BSG pictures to turn out but this one of the sign warning us "don't frakkin' touch the artifacts" sort of did.  I wanted to steal one of these for my office.  Sadly, there were no Cylons, old or new, just a really cool new Cylon raider model.  There was nothing from Dirk Benedict, my first crush, either. 
Oh, and one of the things that kept me busy after work was a few hours in the salon going for a new look.

It needs to lighten up a bit but I am enjoying it right now and think I will keep it this way for awhile.  Also, my hairdresser told me that it would take multiple visits to turn me blonde again.  I am also decreeing that all future pictures of me need to be taken from about two feet above my head because it makes the jowls look better and my boobs look huge. 
I hope you had a productive or restful or productive and restful weekend. 


aeep said...

That hair is SO cute! Love it. How'd you decide on the color. It really suits you.

Judy said...

You were a red head when I first met you. Love it! :)