Friday, October 7, 2011

Watching Paint Dry

The house is starting to look like borderline insane people live here.  We painted the living and dining room last weekend and the color turned to a most unfortunate shade of pumpkin when it dried.  It didn't even mildly resemble the paint chip we chose.  So we went to a real paint place instead of a big box store and had them do two color samples and threw those on the walls. One was how the original chip was supposed to look and one was a pillowcase we had.  One looked great in the lighting in the dining room and one looked great on the living room walls.  So back to the paint store to have them make the bastard child of both of the paints.  And then we threw that in a few different spots on the walls tonight.  The colors aren't exact on the camera but you get the general idea.

We have spent far too much time sitting around watching the paint dry and contemplating colors.  I was going for a warm gold and Kevin is OK with any of the three so it is up to me to choose the color that will be on our walls for the next 10 years or so.  I will wait to see how the spawn of the other two (the middle one) looks after it dries completely and then see how they all look again tomorrow in daylight and will make a decision.  The rest of the weekend is painting, painting and, for a change, some painting.

Kevin finished drywalling the closet and is just waiting to spray texture on it. 
The old closet stopped where the white on the floor is.  You can see that we gained quite a bit of extra storage.  Heck, since the walls were ripped out because of the water damage we might as well take advantage of it. 

The other thing we got done today was to have the crack in our concrete slab fixed.  We discovered this when we ripped up the flooring in the dining room and kitchen.  Luckily, it wasn't a foundation issue so we could just seal it instead of having to have the floor jackhammered out and re-poured. 
The flooring will be delivered next Friday so we can start laying it on Saturday.  We have 1000 sq. feet of cork underlayment piled up in Kevin's office just waiting to be put down under it so we are almost all ready to go.

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