Monday, November 1, 2010

Squishy, Nasty and Gross

In less than 24 hours I have had to:
  • Clean up everything under our kitchen sink after we discovered our garbage disposal was shooting nasty water from every direction.  This was after I had just taken everything out and cleaned under the sink about an hour before.
  • Clean up strategically placed cat puke from the corner of our couch.  Ollie (and yes I am sure it was him) managed to hit all four cushions and a sofa crack. I swear that he tries to be as obnoxious as possible when he vomits.  Our next couch will be cat puke colored.
  • Clean up and dispose of a pumpkin that actually liquefied.  It liquefied all over the floor and all over Kevin's antique Victrola.  I have never seen one decompose quite like that or that quickly before.
I only thought people with small children had days like that.

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Kath said...

Consider it good preparation?!