Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting Better All the Time

Today was the first day in a week that I didn't either:

A) spend the day on the couch; or
B) spend the day wishing I could stop whatever it was I was doing so I could spend it on the couch.

Whatever this flu/cold/sickness thing was got me pretty good. I am still coughing today but I am much improved from a few days ago. I even managed to go out for a three-mile run tonight. I did two, sat and had a coughing fit, watched a mama duck and her nine ducklings and then ran the one more mile. Other than the fact that I was the only runner out there that sounded like she had a two-pack a day smoker's cough it went pretty well. Onward with the training!

1 comment:

Fishergirl said...

I have it too (or am getting over it). I keep joking that it's swine flu, but the more I think about it, it's not something to joke about. No fever anymore, just uncontrollable "productive" hacking.