Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Most of the weekend was spent with my head in the textbooks (am I done yet?) but I did manage to squeeze in a little fun too.

Saturday night Kevin and I went to see our darling ancestor, Lucy, at the Science Center. What a thrill to get to see her. It is crazy to me that we actually got to see this monumentally important piece of evolutionary history in person. 3.18 million years old and a 40 percent intact skeleton. Truly awe inspiring to think of her walking around on the earth and all that has come after her. Afterwards, it was yummy dinner at Roti Cuisine of India ... mmmmm, mango chicken and naan.
Sunday I actually got to sleep in and then we went to Chateau St. Michelle for wine tasting and then another tasty dinner at Saltoro. While I finished up homework, Kevin set up Jackie's kitty condo (with Jackie's help). It comes down at Christmas to make room for the tree and she always gets excited when it is reconstructed. I now have one happy little chicken.


Kath said...

That is so incredibly cool that you got to see Lucy!!

Fisherchick said...

Lucy looks like she's camping. What a cutie!

Kath said...

Ummm, Val, I think you mean Jackie, right? : ) Poor Lucy's camping days were over a gazillion years ago!