Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tired and Whiny and My Own Fault

I realized yesterday that I have been back from my vacation for three weeks. It feels like a lifetime ago. Any relaxation gained in Hawaii was almost immediately wiped out. I have felt so busy since I got back and finally figured out why when I looked at my calendar for the last three weeks. I got back from Hawaii early on a Tuesday morning and went back to work the same day, I started right back to school two nights a week from 5:30-10:00 and I have the obvious homework and reading for these two classes that I have to do. In addition to work and school, I have attended two ballets, one modern dance performance, had two dinners out with friends, one lunch out with a friend, a vet appointment, a family birthday party, one all day trip to Leavenworth, a race I didn't train for (again) that I watched my brother compete in, and one afternoon of helping the folks with chores. Oh yeah, I have also been watching debates and political programs and spending far too much time with Anderson Cooper and David Gergen. Somewhere in there has also been grocery shopping, bill paying, laundry and various household chores done to varying levels of ineptitude. No wonder I am exhausted.
When I get back from Baltimore at the end of the month the extracurricular activities have to grind almost to a halt. All of these activities are things I want to do and involve people I miss and want to see but I can't continue like this. There is danger of implosion.

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kath said...

Take care of yourself, girl! My own life is a bit the same between airports every other week, work, teaching, and on and on... I'm very, very tempted to call in sick to work tomorrow just to chill and try to stave off an implosion of my own!